My “romantic” love story

Recently on a friend’s wedding an unknown female came to me and my husband to introduce herself. Her first line was :” I’ve heard from the bride so much about you both and your romantic story”. My reply on that was good she heard it from the bride cause chances are it can sound as scary story also. And then it strikes me- romantic stories are always stories about people’s mistakes. It may have a happy ending but whatever we usually brand romantic is something that’s not easy coming. Usually due to how complicated people and their situations are.

No one calls it romantic when two people find each other, fall in love and get married without much drama and obstacles. But give it some tragic twist, few break-ups and skeletons in the closet, all spiced up by passion which only grows stronger if obstacles are involved -and here it is- a perfect romantic story. A story, which everyone wants in their life, forgetting that it will be accompanied by a lot of mistakes, probably few broken hearts, sometimes few lost friends, a lot of lost dignity and quite a handful of pain.

If you have found the right person all of it will not matter, but it’s time to stop expecting fairy tales and see them for what they really are - beautifully told stories of monsters. So, yes, i agree. My love story is a very romantic one. And I know many even more romantic, which not everyone would have been able to handle.

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