Need of acceptance as a new drug

 Apart from all substance and psychological addiction one is seriously underestimated- addiction from acceptance and approval.
It is actually a psychological epidemia, no, pandemia of 21st century.
We all want to be loved, accepted. We enter multiple groups to relate ourselves. We become parts of movements…not for ideological sake, but for the sake of belonging.
Some go further and become part of outcast group- group that thinks they don’t need people to accept them and scream about it wherever they go. Quite hypocritically still seeking attention and appreciation for being people who “don’t care about attention and appreciation “.
It’s a lie. Lie to yourself and to others. Human nature and the basic human need is a need of belonging. Being a part of a family, group, community etc.
But one thing is to be a part of this “acceptance chase”. Absolutely different case is making it a life purpose. The way and the destination.
Unfortunately, in a world where as Einstein predicted technology supressed human interaction, we are even more hungry for belonging. But we go to search it in gadgets and online networks. We are willingly selling ourselves to things that by default are not solution, but the problem. And so goes vicios cycle. The more we chat online, the more temporarily relief we get, more we delay the actual communication which only enhances our hunger in a long run.
But what i assume is the biggest trigger for acceptance addicts is the fact that they are being told by media and society how much they actually need other people. Like beauty industry is selling us sick standards to eventually sell their products, in same way social networks, mobile companies and many more sell us the need to be with people 24/7.
Any psychology specialist will tell you that it’s not only impossible but also bad for you.
Loosing yourself in other people, making them your only goal and salvation will only bring you to frustration and problems within your own identity. Stop making others your goal!
I m not encouraging anti-social behaviour but every time you are willing to spend some free time think - maybe it’s an opportunity for you to be with yourself, to make your relationship with yourself better. After all you more than anything need attention and acceptance…from your own self. Take a walk, listen to favourite songs, have a cup of tea…with yourself.
Inner communication is not sickness. Not having this communication is.
Your treatment from everything is you. Your best advisor is you. Learn to listen to yourself instead of others and you will find out that you already know everything you need to. Learn to depend on yourself, rather than others and you will stop being disappointed. Stop making people your goal and you will enjoy their company without frustration. Start giving approval to yourself and you will be surprised what you are capable of.
Listen to yourself always- do you really need someone right now? Or is it just one more trait of insecurity. Listen to yourself and harmony will be your eternal companion.  

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