Personal: Cry or laugh. Choosing gain over pain

Irony is the greatest learning tool in life. Experiencing it is being in position of two possible choices – to cry or to laugh. And what you choose is defining you as a person and sketches direction of your future. Choose to cry – and you will drag your problem with you for a long time, picking up on the way everything that goes along with sorrow. Choose to laugh – and get an immunity to hard times in life.

But more than anything, ironies of life, troubles and stones on the road help us to see what matters. Not to know what matters, cause we all already know it deep inside. But to hear our own thoughts, to see our priorities, to understand our preferences.

I recently got a chance to reflect on my last few years of life through quite a disaster in my small world. What is one of the biggest disasters computer age has brought us? Right – loss of all your data. Years of memories, work experience, events, traveling. Gbs of photos and entire work portfolio…It all got washed away by technological crash wave.

No, I’m not a typical blond who doesn’t back up the data. I did. But here comes the irony.

I have backed up all my data for the past 2-3 years on a hard drive and laptop. My laptop is already crippled enough to keep entire data on it, so after backing up all of it – around 500 Gbs (yes, half of it was absolutely useless pictures of cats, cakes, parties, random collections of downloads etc) - I started slowly removing the data from my laptop. Least important data was first to be removed (of course I was still far from heartache cause copy of it was remaining on hard drive). This is how I started filtering what is least important…

After a while not much data was left on my laptop, some of it on my phone. What is interesting – it was data from all 3 years, but very selected one. I mean, logically it would have made more sense to leave the recent one and to completely remove the rest. But there were pictures and files which I just couldn’t let go of…So I kept it, in case I will want to look at it sometime…

And then a day came when my laptop got so slow that like a sinking ship it had to get rid of any possible weight to go down slower and get a shot at being rescued.

And then, keeping less than 10% of my 500Gbs (5% of which was on my phone) and being assured that my 3 years of mess are on hard drive, I pressed Shift+Del on all my lappy data.

Now here’s the point where in movies a very tension-creating music plays on the background as I went to get few files from my hard drive…Imagine my shock when hard drive was not getting detected by any device. Apparently a few seconds power cut while it was connected to TV left me robbed from all my last 3 years’ memories and experience. Such a small thing which doesn’t even last more than 3 seconds and will not even be noticed by you, in technological age of milliseconds can make you loose everything (a principle that is being actively and religiously followed by stock brokers).

But what I first few hours treated as being robbed, on a closer look appeared to be something else. It was being set free.

We always complain that it’s hard to let go of past, live in present, create your experiences in now. But here’s your chance. In moments like this. This is where you can choose to cry over what has been lost or get excited about having a chance to create something new, better.

New memories, new photos, new better designs.

This is where you subconsciously get rid of 90% that drag you down to sink and leave those 10% that inspire you. This is where you see what were the things you actually cherished in past few years, what was important and what was just a background noise. Call it faith, call it sign. I call it irony.

And I’m being truly grateful to it for helping me leave out all the rest and finally clear my way towards the future.

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