Personal: Out of the cage

So you have a dilemma?
To stay and “prove yourself” as they say. Or to just cut it off and leave.
“Prove yourself” - a big expression that is supposed to motivate people, challenge them or….

Or it is just one more tool to keep hold on person’s strings of human ego and desire to be accepted.

We are so consumed with being good for others, fit for society, up to parents’ expectations that we do not even try to make our own decisions. Do not try to listen to what we actually think ourselves.

U don’t need other people to define what u worth or to accept that u r right when u urself know that u are.
It is their choice. Their acceptance will not change facts.

Why people waste their life proving smth to someone - family, friends, society.
Does it make them happy? What do they have in the end? They have other people’s goals achieved, other people’s dreams executed. They live other’s life.

Does it make people around them convinced?…The answer is simple - they DON’T CARE.
People will always criticize. It will not actually make you better or worse…
Eventually you end up proving things to someone who doesn’t want proof, but only wants argument. You are fighting a ghost.

No one can say that he lived more than one life, so no one can claim being an expert in how to do it.

Yet so many people try to define life by someone else’s measurements. They bend towards the standards. Try to coop up with requirements and trends.
They end up unhappy, sick and that is definitely not in trend.
Do they change the world? NO. The world goes on.
Cause there is nothing exciting in being a clone of a picture from popular magazine. From one more person with the same thinking and same looks coming or going the world will not stop moving.

So instead of making the world happy, become happy.
Choose what is good for you.
Don’t prove anything to anyone.
Don’t stay on a job that doesn’t make u happy. Leave
Don’t be around people that only give negative energy. Leave
Leave and you will find that it’s not scary.
Leave the cage of others’ expectations cause it’s the only way to see there are no borders.

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