Travel: Meghalaya trip. Part 1. Guwahati to Shillong

So 5 of us girls decided we need an adventure. And a perfect place for it in India is North-East. Firstly, because it is completely unexplored and retained its northern authenticity. Yet, as we have found out later, economically quite well-sustained region. You will hardly see a lot of poverty. Even villages do have lovely houses and some arrangements around it, which residents of Mumbai slums would have considered a luxury.

We have started our trip from Guwahati as it had the most accessible airport, so in case you a planning a trip to North-East, Guwahati is your first stop.

What has completely stunned me about Guwahati is its climate and landscape. As a person who had Excellent in Geography class for single reason of being teacher’s favorite, my expectations towards parts of the world are quite flat - north, south, east and west each have a very specific climate and landscape which has no resemblance to one another.

Yet, somehow, Guwahati being a north eastern spot has no relevance neither to North, nor to East, and is a fusion of Southern landscapes.

White sand, blue water, exotic palm trees and other detailed attributes one can use to describe Goa, Mangalore, Ratnagiri or any South facing landscape, starting from Konkan area. The weather was also not aware it should be at least partly Northern and kept pouring heat on our overdressed selves (naturally as we were expecting freezing cold).

Great thing about Guwahati- Shillong route totally worth mentioning is its organic fruit stalls on the way. Giant (and i mean GIANT) bananas, papayas and out-of-the-world delicious pineapples. They were so good, juicy and sweet that me and my friend finished two of them in not more than 5 minutes.  I believe the goodness of such organic food is main reason for Guwahati women to look like they have just come out of a parlor- that groomed and polished their skin and hair are.

So being finally settled with Guwahati landscape, imagine my shock when within a span of an hour it has drastically changed. South reallocated to extreme North with Syberia-like lanscapes and Scandinavian-looking sky. All shades of blue, pink and deep, cold green was our first introduction to Shillong.

The only things that remained intact were hills. They followed and surrounded us throughout the way, giving us panoramic views on lakes and valleys, villages and tribal spots.

This was just a beginning of our journey, but North-East has already surprised me. And we all know - women love surprises ;).

Photos of Guwahati-Shillong route below ->

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