What happens when you become an expat?

It doesn’t matter if you move for a year, for few or for good- once you make another country your home, even temporarily, your life is bound to change. And these are the changes you cannot undo. Those that some call “eyes opened”.

  • You’re now in no man’s land
  • You will forever remain a foreigner to the county you live in, and will very fast become a stranger to the country you left.

    No matter how much you adapt to the new place, speak the language or even adopt the mentality, majority will keep seeing you as a guest at the best and as invader at the worst.

    But at the same time, visiting your home country won’t feel the same either. Your friends and family will sense the changes within you and you will not see the place in the way you did.

    People may become uncomfortable around you, like you are a new creature they are afraid to touch unsure if it bites.

  • You’ll be judged
  • I wonder if there is any topic on which this issue will not pop-up, but what can I say – people like to judge.

    In this case, most common questions  you will be hearing is “How can you leave the place you were born in? All your friends and family?” as if leaving means I isolate myself on a stranded island or get a lobotomy.

    And how does this question even work when you live in the age of Facetime and Facebook, instant messages and snapchats, which give my friends and family an opportunity to peak on what I ate for lunch today, not just “keep in touch”.

    You will also be judged on your patriotism and moral principles by residents of the country you left.

    And if you’re lucky enough- judged on the choice you made as well. (“But why would you move to a place like that? Is it better than your home country?”) Of course! Because their opinion is the ultimate one and there is only one truth!

    Locals will judge your confidence and explain the ease you are getting your way mostly with your ethnicity or color.

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